Fixed several mapping errors thanks to forum member JesterSentinel. Convert Alt to SP and vice versa! HOWEVER i feel that it is harder to make your zenforms stronger bc there is so much training to do and its weird how you make them stronger. Remember, it’s just one guy working on this, me, Neo-Dragon. Night time tint slightly brighter.

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Fixed misplaced door events in Gemerald. Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. Bug fixes to the new daily quest types I go back in instantly and all my progress is gone. Item names are now highlighted blue zenforms protectors system message boxes blue text boxes. Battle logic corrected to fix damage calculations for some attacks like Combustion. All proteectors maps and storyline events. Fixed zenfor,s battlers not resetting if a battle was lost and reloaded the game.

The base of battle weather effects have been implemented. DPad displaying wrong direction pressed fixed.

ZENFORMS: Protectors Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Fixed Weather effects on iPad for Snow and Rain. And everything from 1. Keep fighting the good fight, Protectors! Small animations added to the maps when walking such as when the player is walking in the tall shrubs.


So what I want is an apology zenforms protectors the creator of the game and a refund of the money that was stolen from me or instead of the money the children forms that were also stolen from me when the game closed itself. It requires alot of time battling wild zenforms, whereas in pokemon you didnt have to battle that much to zenforms protectors up.

Accessed through the CP Garden. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare. Weather changes up various attack variables in battle such as when it’s raining boosting water attack damage. All that cool stuff from the last update is here too: Option to forfeit “Give Up” Echo Battle.

Display is corrected after sending a message to chat. You can purchase as many zenforms protectors these as you want. SP and Alt taken away from player if battle is lost.

Cozade Town

You train your Zenform to level it up, but the school closes due to recent dangerous activity with masked people using Zenforms for evil purposes. This is my favorite game I have. It is similar to pokemon and does make you feel like you zenforms protectors playing the game. Fixed game crashing bugs in the storyline events.


Each one coming in 4 colors and with their own movesets and Abilities. Meaning zenforms protectors you buy to 50s, you’ll have double SP for the next battles! Fixed using items in battles. You live without your parents zenofrms game doesn’t state where they went, it’s a mystery but instead with an older sibling to look over you.

Compatibility Requires iOS 6.

For a full change list, check out the official Calis Projects forum. Continue your adventure and try find out the plans behind the Revolution.