Follow the prompts to install the tool. This is where external cloud based tools come in. Msfast is now hosted with Google Code here. Without a specific do-all tool, are there specific tools that will help me solve part s of the puzzle. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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I have Fiddler2 set up But to be honest even though investigating websites’ waterfall chart can entertain a person like me, it’s just not efficient at all. The example can be fetched from this gist.

What I love about this tool is it captures DNS lag time in addition to yslow for ie and processing time from up to 3 different yslow for ie distant servers.

You can download the HAR file for the test I mentioned above using the following link. In addition to these four tabs, the menu bar also contains contains options for selecting and editing rulesets, creating a printable view of oe page performance analysis, and getting help. It’s made by Yahoo, and it analyzes the website based on Yahoo’s rules and grades them using the YScore.

Click on Run Test to run YSlow with your ruleset. YSlow asks what information you want to display. Usually these artificial testing environments are less likely to give the output we expect, because.


Tools to test your website’s performance | Laurence Gellert’s Blog

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceys,ow policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Only consider this if yslow for ie property is a common user home page. Note that the ruleset yskow selected becomes the default ruleset. Avoid empty src or href not ok 5 F 12 yexpires: Even though it’s great, there are a couple of disadvantages and edge cases that should be noted: You can remove rules previously selected and add new rules.

To run YSlow using your customized ruleset, select the ruleset from the Rulesets pull-down menu. The sylow of this preference can be basicgradestatscompsall or a comma separated list of gradestats and comps.

These options are described in the following sections.

Building a YSlow alternative

My favourite fkr to do is comparing the waterfall views for the first run and the second run. YSlow analyzes web page performance by examining all the components on the page, yslow for ie components dynamically created by using JavaScript. Initially all the rules will be unchecked. YSlow for Firefox runs in ysslow Firebug window, so in order to run the tool, Firebug must be enabled.


You can replace your JavaScript with the minified version to improve performance yslow for ie yzlow web page. Reduce DNS lookups message: Testing the website from multiple regions, using various connection configurations on various browsers and browser versions with two or three runs, well that sounds like an endless job to check. The Components View displays all the components present on the web page. Is there a YSlow-like tool for IE7??

YSlow – Official Open Source Project Website

To run a test before a site is released or with a set of the circumstances such as:. Make favicon small and cacheable message: Reducing bandwidth also yslow for ie in cost savings. All CSS collects all the inline and external stylesheets on the page and displays them in a separate window. OMG you’d say, or at least this is what our marketers said. You might look at this view, for example, to see which components could be gzipped to improve performance.

To display information about the page’s components, choose the Components tab.