I’m on my way to you. And I gave myself a little rap sheet. So let’s start with part one. Me being a die-hard Yankee fan, we went at it a few times. The bureau’s been after this mystery thief for two decades. Well, it’s a thrilling tale of a man’s battle with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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I go back to whire, and you’re placed under review and reassigned? And now we have less than a week to figure out where he’s gonna strike next. Go get your job back.

Now we’ll whige on to phase two — keeping Rina around until Cook arrives. When I said that, I thought I was gonna be a free man. So these two make up an additional 1. But let’s make it 2.

White Collar BCW Episode Script | SS

I began pushing you toward the blue diamond by wearing a blue tie, which you’ll also be wearing. Yeah, he was a cop. You have retired from retirement. Had the truck delivered to us. Christie whkte I went ring shopping there, and this isn’t what it looked like. No, you know what?


One thing at a time. But then he confessed. Diana Barrigan Sharif Atkins Use the hand truck. Yeah, they like my ice wines. You know where ckllar can find me.

Matt Bomer! (White Collar S04E03: “Diminishing Returns”)

Guess I got some catching up to do. Yeah, and if you need any advice, I’m white collar s04e03 around. It’s the evidence warehouse, and it’s the best I could do. Do I know any of these “reliable street contacts”? All right, we get inside, maybe we can deduce the physical characteristics of the suspect — z04e03 at least. Yeah, didn’t get any takers or find any suspects.

White Collar – S 4 E 3 – Diminishing Returns – video dailymotion

I’m sure it’s only temporary. What’s the second thing we know? What do you think? While she’s appraising the canary, you’ll white collar s04e03 using muted word-play. He never mentioned family. It was a long time ago. When this deal’s done we should go s04s03, celebrate get a drink. Clinton Jones Tiffani Thiessen I think it’s the one I left on the street that’s the problem.


What have you been doing since?