It has a bit of code that I wrote to look for an updated version under Also, contacted the twits at twonky, here is how that went: This is recommended, as the tools are aimed at developers and hence are not as intuitive as a streaming device. It is much easier now to get TwonkyVision running. Install it and go to the Webinterface to make the configuration Thats it – have fun Getting it TwonkyVision MediaServer is a commercial product.


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I went to windows and tried SuperEdi and it also gave me garbage. Give a name in the form S99twonky, where the “S” says that the script will be run on startup, and the two-digit number gives the order twonkyvlsion which the script will be run. This log can tell you if you have any problems in, for instance, your playlists.

The installation on Unslung is very simple:.

TwonkyMedia server

This also logs any error messages to a file called twonkylog. If you want to try and play around with Twonky 6. If you want to learn quickly how to use the Intel tools, please go to http: Copy all your music files and playlists into the Music directory folder, from the Windows viewpoint. Revisions and corrections welcome.


I’ll figure it out.

The file you need to download is here You will also twonkyvsiion the following files from a Linux distro that’s compiled for i not x64 or i As part of that, it would be most helpful twonkyvidion you would enable web in the twonkyvision-mediaserver. Optional – create rc. You can do this in the controlling PC or by telnetting into the slug and using vi. As of Novemberversion 2. Nothing else depends on twonky, so it can have a high number.

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To recapitulate, you can set up twonky on unslung by copying the program to the public directory which contains twonkyvisuon music, creating a 3-line. Installing TwonkyVision on Unslung 6. You can also report any bugs or issues at http: You can download it for free from http: I finally downloaded WinSCP and ran it under wine and it worked fine.

For example I renamed twonkymedia to org. Download and unzip the twonkymedia files for the NSLU2e. This is pretty ridiculous. What is the default address for Twonky? You can change it back to your old port after installation. Create a minimal ini file to tell twonkymedia where to find the music and its database.



If you review their website, they tell you it doesn’t work. You can change it back to your old port after installation 3.

Editing twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini

My favorite internet radio station is www. This assumes you are going to put your music files in a publicly shared directory on the slug, e.

You can do that on your normal workstation. Thanks, TwonkyTeam Lingenfr, Dec I would like to enable the Twonky web interface.


For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It has a bit of code that I wrote to look for an updated version under