I think I am not the only one to say: I can’t wait to get my hands on that one. Some of the residents include a tax collector nobody cares about, a man who died but really he is alive, an ex-husband soldier who was never married, one lizard cat that used to be many and a girl who likes to pee in men’s laps. A certain scene in which a tax collector and a gravedigger discuss taxes and borrowing shovels comes to mind. The Crippled God Michael Page. This was a fun and rather strange novella.

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Grisly, yet humorous read.

The Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach 6 books. It’s true that both are dark and rich with magic, but whereas the fhe books tell dense stories with lots of subtext and, sure, some humor thrown in these novellas abandon density altogether in favor of some clever quips. Lord Fangatooth, just as B,earmouth and Korbal The wurms of blearmouth has the means to use magic and he doesn’t shy away to show just what his power entails.

For fans of Erikson’s humour, you won’t be disappointed in this novella. Paperbackpages. Some of the residents include a tax collector nobody cares about, a man who died but really he is alive, an ex-husband soldier who was never married, one lizard cat that used to be many and a girl og likes to pee in men’s laps.

The Wurms of Blearmouth : Steven Erikson :

Lord Fangatooth Claw the Render and his dutiful scribe Coingood, ruling narcissistically from the keep Spilgit Purrble the deposed Factor and Felittle, a girl with dubious habits concerning her urinary habits Hordilo Stinq, one of Fangatooth’s men patrolling with curiously named Golems and becoming friend with a dead man who doesn’t seem to be able to actually die like a real dead man Comber Whuffine Gaggs, a lonesome herder the wurms of blearmouth hidden powers Felittle’s mother, Feloovil Generous, who holds the inn and has some strange Last book I was concerned about the ratio of Bauchelain and Broach to the rest of the exterior characters, and particularly the fact that I thought the book was improved by their disappearing further into the background.


Crack’d Pot Trail Steven Erikson. There is a big cast of characters for such a short story. See 1 question about The Wurms of Blearmouth….

After their ship sinks not too surprising with Mancy on board and the three are stranded on Spendrugle, a small village populated by reavers, wurmms, gods, and dead folk. The Bauchelain and Korbal stories showcase a different part of the Malazan universe than the main series.

The Wurms of Blearmouth by Steven Erikson

Fuck, do I want to kill them all? Shouldn’t this book be number 4?? Bauchelain, Korbal and their servant arrive after they have been shipwrecked. It’s almost unfair that an author with such a flair for complex, densely woven epic fantasy can also pull off witty banter and darkly madcap humor, but Steven Erikson used those duos exceptionally well to lighten the overall tension and contrast the often crushing sense despair.

Besides this part of the story there is much more going on in the village of Spendrugle and on the shores. Midnight Tides Michael Page. Donaldson “Erikson is a master of lost and forgotten epochs, a weaver of ancient epics. Sep 10, Phil rated it it was amazing. The storyline of The Wurms of Blearmout might sound like it diverges a lot, but this is far from the case, Steven Erikson the wurms of blearmouth every storyline in the end with each other in a seamless way.


They are all insane, murderous, lecherous killers. A certain scene in which a tax collector and a the wurms of blearmouth discuss taxes and borrowing shovels comes to mind. One scene is still stuck in my mind, the discussion of the shovel and taxes. At least they were until Bauchelain and Korbal Broach graced their lovely shores and proceeded to do what they do best; upset the balance of order.

Along with the unexpected hte it makes for a fun read. Becky Amazon US seems to be carrying it now. Aug 12, Jason M Waltz rated it liked it Shelves: For everyone else, even if you haven’t read Erikson or if you were disconcerted by his more heavy writing in the Malazan Book of the Fallen, this is the time to discover a whole new perspective presented by the author, one at which he excels the wurms of blearmouth much.

In this instance i don’t think the supporting cast worked as well as it did in the other books.

The Wurms of Blearmouth : A Malazan Tale of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach

However within those pages Steven Erikson puts down a highly enjoyable story. The parts featuring Bauchelain, Korbal and Mancy were quite entertaining but otherwise it was mostly ‘meh’. I’ll stop enumerating here but with this list alone, you get an idea of the tone of The Wurms of Blearmouth.

Could be a bit of trouble washed up here today, eh?