The Boomzers – Fuck Yeah! The Boomzers – Black Blow. The result was a very solid track and we won the contest at 1 st place, receiving a lot of plays and love. The worst moment was probably when in a show, in front of a big crowd, the guy that was playing before us pressed eject on our CDJ. We became known in the international scene and that was a dream for us, playing in many countries and meeting a lot of beautiful people. We are not against samples, all depends how you use them. Also new videos are coming too!

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Posted in Music 1 Comment Tags: The worst moment was probably when in a show, in front of a big crowd, the guy that was playing before us pressed eject on our CDJ. For the time being no, diital nearly enough free time! Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Pulse of Motion Pump more music down your veins! The Boomzers – Boom feat.

Digital Drug (Dank Remix) – The Boomzers | Shazam

The Boomzers – WTF! How do you like spending your time when not in the studio? The Boomzers – Rowentah Bullwack Rmx. There are a lot of producer that sample a lot of other tracks and the result is awesome! It is like a basic human need or like a universal language!



The Boomzers – Fuck Yeah! The Boomzers – Rowentah Belzebass Remix. The Boomzers – Rowentah Belzebass Rmx. Back to your sounds, you have been doing quite a few remixes for many different artists F. So real love from us!

The Boomzers – Digital Drug (Official Video)

We never played in a rock band but we love rock bands! The Boomzers – So Fuck You feat. We always hope to spread our music as much as possible! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Probably the worst thing is when we discuss about some very little the boomzers digital drug of a track, many times things that most likely nobody cares about!

What would be the first thing to save if your studio was on fire? The Boomzers – Rowentah Deadbots Remix. Now we both have girlfriends and many other things to do so our days are really full… almost no time to sleep sometimes… ahahah!


The Boomzers – Pink A Pads feat.

The Boomzers – Rowentah. The best thing is that we usually are on the same page so that makes everything easier. The Boomzers – Overscream. The Boomzers – Overscream The Boomzers – The Boomzers – Boom feat.

The Boomzers – We Are Back. One of the things that we really love in how the music industry has changed is that now there is a lot of very good music you can get for free and this is amazing for the listeners! New Years is approaching and as the countdown for begins, here are 10 of my favourite releases from The Boomzers – Rowentah Bullwack Remix. We know each other for more than 10 years. Posted in Music 3 Comments Tags: