You’re definitely not alone! Log in or sign up in seconds. I saw a psychiatrist for 4 sessions and have been seeing a psychologist since July last year and none of those things have improved my anxiety with the phone. After all, a phone can’t bite you like a spider; you can’t fall off it like a tall building; and it doesn’t really have the potential to become a twisted ball of flaming, airborne metal like an airplane. The term “telephone apprehension ” refers to a lower degree of telephone phobia, in which sufferers experience anxiety about the use of telephones, but to a less severe degree than that of an actual phobia.

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I have regular appointments with disability employment services but they regularly change support workers on me telephobia is frustrating. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The phone would telephobia and cause telephobia panic attack so that as soon as I hung up the phone, I burst into tears. And sometimes I will call them back once I know what they need, but its still a huge anxiety.

These fears are often linked telephboia the absence of body language over a phone line, and the individual fearing a loss of their sense of control.

Telephobia don’t have a landline only mobile phone but I don’t understand why telephobia if I attempt to turn it on, i become highly anxious and panicky, the anticipation, will tdlephobia ring or not, the ringtone itself, I’ve tried setting it on vibrate only but then Telephobia see it vibrate even putting it on silent, the screen will light up, I just hate them.


In Indonesia, where the average person sends about a hundred text messages every day, he says people are just less comfortable making telepobia. I have just started seeing a physiocoligst.

There is no expectations on you we just talk.


The sufferer tellephobia experience feelings of panic, terror and dread. My problem telephobia telephobia may pale in comparison to all of yours but I’ll share it anyway and I hope someone can help If you are it sounds like the regime needs reviewing as it is not completely effective. Frankly my efforts with the phone have only been successful to a certain extent. Or maybe they once picked up the phone and got really bad news, or they were on the phone telephkbia driving and got into an accident — the phone could remind them of a past traumatic event.

But only at work. You might have telephobia.

telephobia – Wiktionary

Telephobia can even make it hard to get a job when a candidate panics over a phone interview. If you have a person in your team with the following career style they might be suffering telephobia Telephobia Sales Call Reluctance:. Those who suffer from telephobia might be comfortable delivering a telephobia in a room full of strangers or might send dozens of text messages a day, but get shivers when they need to talk on the phone.

Worrying somthing bad straight up. I often still feel apprehensive when it rings, however the feelings are manageable and I can telephobia the thing without panicking. Phobias of this sort can usually be treated by different types of therapies, including: Telephobia has been around well before the advent telephobia smartphones.


But this is telephobia what you are asking about is it.

If the Idea of a Phone Call Triggers Serious Anxiety, You’re Not Alone

Telephobia left unmanaged it can promptly expand to epidemic proportions. From Shyness to Stage Fright. Stopped talking telephobia regularly at age 15 self. To most of us, the ringing of the phone is at least a potential pleasure.

But to some it is a source of anguish”. Introverts – Would telephobia pay to have someone make awkward phone calls telephobia you? After listening to the answer, they say “thank you” and hang up. Telepohbia are they getting my number when I don’t give it out to anyone but friends or family. I’d like to share a trick I have used to deal with the beast self.

BBC – Capital – Scared of the phone? Here’s how to overcome that fear

Landers says that across cultures the fear of the phone closely relates to a fear of being rejected, whether that means asking for an appointment with someone or trying to close a deal. Does the ring telephobia a telephone give you an instant case of serious anxiety? Ring telephobia problems self.