In a heavily overloaded incremental reading , it is not unusual to see low A-Factor topics or low forgetting index items delayed over and over a hundred times within a few months. Learning, Memory and Cognition, 13 , This page was last modified on 10 July , at This way, topics show far higher tolerance to delay than items. SuperMemo has been around in one form or another for 20 years; SuperMemo , the latest version, is the sixth major update since There is also an improved range of text searches possible with Unicode strings.

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This should make it easier to pump up the volume on the acquisition of new material. All changes happen automatically and you do supermemo 2004 ever need to pay attention to A-Factors.

At the same time, however, it will be difficult to implement, at least using traditional paper-and-pen methods. For that reason, you may want to occasionally execute repetitions starting with the highest postpone count.

Navigation menu Supermemo 2004 tools Log in. Lexical coverage of spoken discourse. In a heavily overloaded incremental readingit is not unusual to see low A-Factor topics or low forgetting index items delayed over and over a hundred times within a few months. See YouTube videos for an exemplary application in learning about nutrition or history. Newer SuperMemos may have supermemo 2004 problems in older Windows. It supports incremental reading. SuperMemo in learning mode, with the self-rating buttons shown on the bottom.


Vocabulary reviewing is a task that can be performed opportunistically while out and about–in the bus on the morning commute, on long elevator rides, or sitting on a park bench waiting for a friend. Prompt is given, along with controller for hearing the word pronounced.

Although not designed specifically for language learning, SuperMemo has obvious useful applications in supermemo 2004 field. There is also an improved range of text searches possible with Unicode strings. Both titles are powered by the same engine that supermemo 2004 SuperMemo but are read-only; in other words, they do not allow for input of new words chosen by users themselves. Topic A-Factors in SuperMemo Read more about incremental mail processing: The Post column in the browser Postpone count makes it possible to see how many times a given element has been delayed with Postpone.

SuperMemo is purchased online from a Yahoo-supported shopping site superrmemo is easily downloaded and installed, even over a dial-up Internet connection.

Introduction SuperMemo 15 was released in The supermemo 2004 graph painfully illustrates the gaps in the learning process resulting from neglect. You can also cut off portions of the graph. After such an operation, the new ordinals will be partly modified by the order of elements in the subset. supermeom

Increasing the resolution of A-Factor distribution supermemo 2004 topics helps you visualize the near-normal distribution of A-Factors in incremental reading. Keep learning, importing, extracting and converting short sentences to questions. If your skills are limited, instead of worrying about extracts and clozes, you can just supermemp the splinters, and seek inspiration.


The HTML version contains no page numbers.

SuperMemo Freeware

Hence the need for programs like SuperMemo, which take supermemo 2004 of these findings and factor them into their operations. All you need to do now is to focus supermemo 2004 learning and prioritizing by content e. For example, if you develop a collection eupermemo adding elements in the order of increasing complexity, you may want to modify the pending queue depending on the actual difficulty of elements as measured by a real learning process.

Users must tolerate slow processing speeds, programming bugs and a bewildering mass of online support in order to take full advantage supememo the program.

What’s new in SuperMemo

General, These extractions can then be converted into questions and answers in the form of individual elements. In terms of language learning, a sentence containing a useful new vocabulary item can supermemo 2004 pasted into an element and users then highlight the word or phrase.

The Delay column may also be used for the same purpose. The designers will have to take this into account if they want to market the program as a tool for language learning.