That should come as little surprise, when you see the musicians credited. Good electrified soloing combines with mid-tempo synthesizers and hypnotic drumming for a trademark sound of the British Canterbury scene. Nice guitar work here. He essembles most of his previous Gong bandmates as well as Dave Stewart former bandmate from seminal prog band Khan-of which Hillag Fish Rising is exciting, beautiful, colorful, plethoric – this initiation of Steve Hillage as a solo recording artist is simply masterful.

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STEVE HILLAGE Fish Rising reviews

His playing style is very recognisable with the jazz rock solo’s and spacey delay soundscapes. I know I do. Even his thin vocal style suits the song perfectly. The bass and drums get a bit annoying. The lyrics are, as always when Steve pens them, painfully sincere – whilst Hillage shared Daevid Allen’s intent steve hillage fish rising using musical lyrics to expound New Age ideas and philosophies, Allen would wrap them in his distinctive sense of humour, whilst Steve seems extremely serious about them.

The closing epic Aftaglid is almost as powerful as the title track, with hefty doses of psychedelic rock, outstanding spacey solos and even a little bit of funk. Fish Rising is an absolutely quintessential Canterbury scene work.

The style of Steve Hillage’s solo debut, Fish Rising points the direction in which he would go in the following years. I could sit through it if I am in the right mood, but I do not remember anything about it afterwards. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. But I certainly prefer the much more focused second album L, as well as the fsih album Live Herald, over this rather unfocused debut album.



Almost 17 minutes opener is excellent musical piece with complex structure, great musicianship it reminds me softer and more spacey version of UK debut album’s music. While it is much closer to the former than the latter, this album is best conceived as simply one of the many recombinations of the Canterbury crowd. I just gives me the feeling I have when I can’t wake up at morning References to Gong’s signature sound might be somewhat obvious, but the whole ensemble’s sense of order is more related to Hatfield and Soft Machine’s calmer side.

Spacy ambient waves of electronic keyboards and brilliant guitarplay from Steve Hillage. You will find his guitar on some of the best albums this scene has seen. The opening mins 4-movements Solar Magick Suite has a definite Hatfield twist, no steve hillage fish rising due to Dave Stewart’s keyboards, but Hillage’s superb aerial guitar wailings steals the show. The steve hillage fish rising of this album is composition.

It is an excellent album, one of the best of the space jam style of Canterbury that I prefer. Stewart’s melancholic organ is almost flawless and jazzy interludes appear constantly along the listening, while Didier Malherbe’s devastating sax work delivers a rich sound as a whole.

An admirable effort by Steve Hillage but not a true masterpiece I feel. The bonus ”Pentagrammaspin” is in the same vein as most of the album but shorter; makes me wonder why it wasn’t included on the original album besides the time constraint issue.

The album’s gem is the closer ‘Aftaglid’, which thoroughfully recapitulates the dreamy aspect of space- rock steve hillage fish rising the weird sensuality of Gong-related Canterbury. Sharp, nervous and psychedelic soundscapes, combining the power of keyboards with Steve’s inventive guitar stylings.


Thus I love a track like Solar Music Suite, just by name and length but the proof is in the actual pudding. At the same time, the music has a certain groove and atmosphere that could still appeal to non- musicians. I do feel that the music gets much more elbow room, which leads to more instrumental and jamming passages and ultimately longer steve hillage fish rising. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. The album I am reviewing is the original album compeised of five songs.

I bought the remastered edition with two bonus tracks. Three very long tracks are the album’s highlights, consisting of fiery jamming parts, weird soundscapes with a psychedelic nature and synth-drenched spacey instrumentals.

It’s especially annoying in that it occurs as track 7 just after track 5 was the original song. Firsh Rising comprises five pieces.

Fish Rising

Fish Rising hits the spot when I just want some hillsge prog music that I don’t have to think too much about. The rest of the album is equally fine, featuring blissed out instrumental passages and unhealthy amounts of echo. Some instrumental parts are definitely overstretched with emphasis on the psychedelic side of Prog Rock, but after all this was what Hillage was born to do: