But while Freeway Pro has advanced in many important regards, at least a couple of annoyances remain: Change the way you install and update apps with the all new MacUpdate Desktop. Freeway for Mac has been developed to make designing sophisticated and standards-based websites easy. The program enables you to create responsive, mobile-friendly sites and verify their appearance on phone, tablet, and desktop screens. This Freeway Moment gives you a quick tour of the Freeway 5 Express interface. Welcome improvements Freeway Pro sports some very welcome interface improvements that make it a much nicer application to use than ever before. Help spread your message.

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However, since the software was discontinued, you should look elsewhere, possibly to Adobe Dreamweaver for designing your website.

Freeway Pro

A softpress freeway pro 5 simple demonstration of how to set up a table-based rollover in Freeway. Softpress says it’s aware of this bug and has promised that it will be fixed in the next update.

Main Features Build responsive sites from scratch or a template Save time on creating page layouts with Master Pages Automatically generate navigation menus Work with data tables without using custom CSS Add your own custom code to your site Develop content for newsletters and presentations. Yet another set of Actions simplifies the process of creating an online store, softpress freeway pro 5 you’re limited to using the Mal’s E-Commerce service.

Offsetting this criticism somewhat are the new effects that can be added to text and graphic boxes without the need to use Actions. The philosophy behind Freeway is that an average user is able to design websites without having to deal with any code, using an interface very similar to that of Desktop publishing applications like QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. Take a quick look at the new responsive features in Freeway 7, and see how easy it is to make your site look fantastic on phones and tabletsas well as desktop computers.


Sliced images can also be used to apply more complex background effects. Open the Freeway Pro document in the archive and all the items originally connected to files scattered across your hard drive are now linked to the duplicate files in the archive folder.

Freeway (software) – Wikipedia

Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Being able to create this sort of thing painlessly really shows Freeway Pro at its best. Even better is the Save Archive command: While it is primarily utilized for designing websites it can also be used to create presentations, newsletters, and intranet content. Freeway 5 Pro users will notice differences in the interface.

Get the scoop on how your visitors are using your site to improve funnels and increase conversions. You can import images from the most popular image softpress freeway pro 5 applications right into Freeway, saving you a ton of time from Save for Web.

Freeway (software)

Freeway Pro can also automatically generate navigation menus based on the pages and folders in your site. Leaving you to get on with the stuff that matters. But other Actions work at the design end of things, as is the case with the very useful Navigation and Graphic Action sets. Softpress freeway pro 5 stated by Softpress:. Overview of Freeway Pro Freeway 6 Take a quick tour of Freeway Pro and discover how to add text and images, how to preview your work in Freeway browsers, and how to upload your sites to your server.


You can use softpress freeway pro 5 to incorporate functionality, such as rollovers, into a larger image. Plus, keep all your apps updated.

It covers importing from Finder and iPhoto, as well as applying effects to images. The Action is a free download from ActionsForge. Language, Check, and Range popups work in Spelling and Find dialogs Fixed a crash that could occur when pr font sets are used in media styles Fixed a crash that could occur when switching to a master page Edit URLs dirties pages so they are republished correctly Large background images use less memory and softpress freeway pro 5 faster Fixed a More Attaching graphics The Graphics Actions are a mixed bag in terms of usefulness.

Content is still frewway, but new features added in 7 will give your sites an added softperss to increase your reach. Central to the way Freeway Pro works are Actions – commands that add features and effects to web pages. It should help familiarise you with the tools available to you.

Because the original artwork is left untouched, you’re free to play around with the image as much as you want. Forget about the code. Various glows and shadows can be used to enliven text and graphic items. They also offer a range of Freeway templates under the name, Marketplace.