Aeons ago, Fumeiyoshi grew jealous of his brother’s loving relationship with Shizuru and, on one occasion, grew so angry he murdered Tsukiyo. You must declare the use of this ability before rolling to attack or casting the spell, and if the attack or spell fails, the ability is wasted. I accept no negotiations from those who have attacked a foe under the pretense of arbitration or truce for their own gain; they have destroyed the trust that reconciliation requires. I will honor the ancestors who have come before me and provided for my life. Shizuru views the other Tian Xia deities as her subjects, but seldom presses the issue, and in turn all other Tian Xia deities acknowledge her as their leader. No inhabitants and no steward Summit.

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Foreign gods are not accorded this treatment; Shizuru only respects civilised deities as fellow heads of state, not evil ones.

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General Susumu, the Black Daimyo. Paizo published a major article about Shizuru in Faiths of Golarion. Shizuru resides shizruu the Palace of the Eightfold Mirrorlocated on Clarionthe third tier of Heaven ; the palace is where all Tian Xia deities meet on legendary occasions. Palace of the Eightfold MirrorClarionHeaven.

Minkai However, Shizuru’s shiuru is strongest in Minkai and she is often portrayed as a Tian-Min in form and acts as the patron goddess of Minkai and of its capital, Kasai.


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Iomedae’s Realm Sandalphon’s Court. Sshizuru my sword and my swordplay have been entrusted to me by those who have mastered their craft, and both deserve to be wielded by a skilled hand. You can use this chosen sword as your divine focus to cast divine spells. SamuraiMinkai and other Tian. Dazzling Grace Su As a free action, you can surround yourself with a glowing nimbus of sunlight that shines bright light within 60 feet.

In contrast, after his rebirth, Tsukiyo added spirits to his portfolio. She stated Fumeiyoshi would forever envy his betters as the undead envy the living and, indeed, Fumeiyoshi is now styled the Lord of Envy and his portfolio comprises dishonour, envy, graves, and the undead. Servants Some of the powerful outsiders associated with Shizuru include: Heaven Unleashedp. The shizugu undead must be within 60 feet.

Though the bonds of love extend across any distance, I will not stretch them further by separating lovers. This positive energy damage does not heal living creatures. Shizuru successfully requested the aid of Qi Zhongthe god of medicineto resurrect her lover.

Shizuru Fujino

In recognition of the Empress of Heaven’s portfolio, the church teaches people to respect their ancestors; it also teaches honour in sword fighting. Blake Davis Email Spam Checker: You can use this ability once per day plus one additional time per day for every three Hit Dice you have maximum 6 times per day.


Shizuru is the Tian-Min goddess of the sunhonor, ancestors, and swordplay. Some of the powerful outsiders associated with Shizuru include:. Shizuru has a half-brother: In both the faith of Shizuru and that of Tsukiyo, the times of a solar eclipse are very sacred, as their worshippers understand this is the short time when these lovers are able to reunite. Swordmaster of the Sun Shixuru Once per day as a free action when fighting with any sword, you can cause your blade to glow with increasingly bright golden radiance after every blow you land.

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I accept no negotiations from those who have attacked a foe under the pretense of arbitration or truce for their own gain; they have destroyed the trust that reconciliation requires. At the end of your practice, make an offering to your ancestors, and vow that your deeds in the day to come will honor their memory. As a standard action, you can touch someone afflicted with the dazed, paralyzed, sickened, staggered, or stunned condition and grant that creature another saving throw to resist the effect.

Sentinel Source Faiths of Golarion pg. The Empty Thronep. He is also, like Shizuru, a patron of samurai, but his samurai lust for war and glory, rather than heroism and honour. Faiths of Golarionpg s. It is unclear whom is their shared parent.