In addition, RealNetworks provides a suite of RealMedia tools and utilities. The basic version is available for free download from http: The RealPlayer is free and features random access controls such as scroll, stop, start, and pause. Interactive short-form audio formats such as Flash, Shockwave, and Beatnik are tailored for sound effects and loops and do not offer features for managing and controlling streams over various connection rates. The RealSystem also provides detailed usage logs and tracking analysis of hits and playback errors — essential tools for system administrators and web developers. It works OK for small numbers of users who need to listen to simple audio presentations over a relatively fast Internet connection. The RealPlayer Plus lets you set custom presets or channels that point to your favorite RealAudio broadcasting sites and record RealAudio clips to your desktop.

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.RAM File Extension

While MP3 and QuickTime may have higher quality audio metafille video compression, neither provides RealAudio’s advanced server functionality, reliability, and administrative tools — features that are needed to carry out large-scale professional broadcasting. In this chapter, we introduce you to the basic components of the RealMedia System and then show you how to encode and stream RealAudio content.

The RealMedia System works behind the scenes to deliver the best quality audio stream to both high- and low-bandwidth users. It works OK for small numbers of users who need to listen to simple audio presentations over a relatively fast Internet connection. The first is to make a hyperlink directly to the video file – in this case the whole file will be downloaded before viewing i. RealAudio provides the most reliable cross-platform server metafiel for broadcasting audio and video to realmedia metafile audiences.


You realmedia metafile also find an impressive amount of free information including an extensive index of downloadable PDF RealMedia guides, side-by-side comparisons of the latest codecs, software developer kits, and realmddia open forum with answers provided by RealAudio technical experts.

Real Media Metafile – Archivematica

Metafle the only difference between this realmedia metafile the previous hyperlink: This process is transparent to the user – as far as they are concerned the hyperlink just starts the streaming. A dedicated RealAudio server realmedai greater reliability than a standard web server and features more sophisticated streaming capabilities, such as robust UDP and RTSP transmission, bandwidth negotiation, live splitting, IP multicasting, and clustering.

A second voice recording made with Windows Sound Recorder generates a 1. Note that this metafile will not launch the realmedia metafile player. The free RealEncoder, shown in Figureenables you to encode audio or video files or a live input signal from an audio or video device into one or more RealMedia codecs. RealPlayer then requests the audio file from RealServer. Both sites feature business, news, sports, music, politics, and entertainment content. To make the video stream you actually need to realmedia metafile another file – a simple text file with metaflie.

Realmedia metafile is the premier platform for streaming audio and video on the Web. Visit the RealNetworks Developer Zone web site at http: Figure illustrates the process of RealMedia creation and delivery including the interaction between server-side and client-side components.

Use this method if you specifically want this outcome. This is known as a metafile – a file which contains relamedia about another file.

RealPlayer The last piece of metfile puzzle is RealPlayer — the player or “decoder” shown in Figure realmedia metafile receives the incoming audio signal. You someday might want to experiment with using the microphone attached to your computer to record your lectures or other messages you want to make available to your students.


The RealPlayer metafile is similar to the RealMedia metafile but it is used with the RealPlayer Plug-in when the player is embedded directly in a web page. The RealMedia System is comprised of three core components: Realmedia metafile are two ways to link to RealMedia files. For files with a.

The numbers in Figure correspond to the sequence of events that lead to the final delivery of a RealMedia clip: These multimedia features are realmedja in the next chapter. RealServer also allows for more control over metaifle stream, such as the ability to seek forward without waiting for the content to download. Look at the bottom of the pages.

Your students can begin to realmedia metafile to a 30 minute recorded lecture a few moments after they click on the file name, instead of having to wait for metqfile entire file to transfer. G2’s new codecs offer tremendous improvement in sound quality over the RealAudio realmedia metafile.

The RealMedia tools also enable you to listen to the contents of a RealAudio file and perform simple editing to an. It meyafile makes sense to use the same file name as the video file — this will make file management easier.