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If you are heading for the First rune and you see that the enemy wants it aswell, if your team is with you you can either take Rot or Hook but I prefer Rot, if you catch an enemy in it it will be slowed and unable to run from you and your team, don’t attack the enemy as it will force you to stand still while attacking, rather just follow them and let your team cast the spells and use the basic attacks. What makes Pudge a great nuker is his Meat Hook which deals Pure damage to the enemy which can easily be followed up with his Rot and Dismember, making the enemy fully inable to act while taking massive amounts of damage. While Force staff will provide you with the ability to easily escape a gank and can also push one of your allies out of a bad situation aswell, it has a longer cooldown than a Blink dagger, and while the Blink Dagger has longer range than the Force staff and has a cooldown which is 8 seconds shorter than the one of the Force staff, any Hero damage that you take will prevent you from casting it and you will be stuck where you are. The current Item build is for Laning Pudges, roaming Pudge’s item build can vary. Mai um 4:

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Important notes about it is that the damage it deals to you can be reduced by magic resistance or ignored by magic immunity but it will not decrease the damage the enemy takes. An Urn of Shadows is an optional item but picking it up will provide you with a HP heal for each enemy that dies next to you or a damage over 4m for securing kills on the enemy if they manage to get out of reach from your abilities, it also pucge you with fair stats.

What is important to know about this ult is that Pudge has a response for everytime he uses it, and it is ”Fresh meat”, this response can be heard even if Pudge is in the fog of war, this is to be used with care when your team is trying to kill Roshan, as in while it disables him for 6 seconds, it will let the enemy know you are using it on something, and since they know it isn’t one of them they will most likely know you are ulting Roshan, the same response will be used if you ult a Jungle creep, so you can trick the enemy to go check Roshan which can be turned into a quick gank on them.

Compared to Blink initiators like Earthshaker, Enigma, Axe and some others, Pudge does not need to change his position to initiate a teamfight!

4k pudge : DotA2

The Bottle is the best item a Mid Pudge can get himself, for gold it will provide you with Health and Mana until the late game as long as you keep getting yourself runes. It throws out a hook that goes through all terrain and will hook anything it catches, this includes Lane or Jungle creeps, Allies and Enemies, this doesn’t include Ancients and Roshan. The Bounty runes that spawn at 0: If Doom’s Doom lands on you while you have your Rot toggled on, it will not toggle it of, instead the Rot and Doom will both deal damage to you while you can’t toggle it off because of Doom’s Silence, making very quick work of you.


Aghanim’s Sceptre will reduce the cooldown on your hood drastically and will increase it’s damage allowing you to hook and enemy, dismember it and hook it again, allowing you to have greater chances on killing someone.

Now that you have your movement speed and mana issues covered, it’s time to make Pudge a true terror, while he shines in the Early game and is pretty good in the Mid game, the Late game can be troubling for Pudge as his abilities especially his Meat hook and Rot turn weak and you will hardly be able to kill off enemies alone.

Guardian’s Greaves are an optional and pretty expensive item, but if your supports are buying other items, your team will be greatful if you buy them.

Pudge is one of the best gankers Dota has to offer, while he is one of the slowest heroes in the game, he is also one of the deadliest. You should max your Meat hook and Dismember as early as possible puddge they are great damaging spells while your Rot can be left to be maxed last.

Changes on the Hero: On Pudge you usually build utility items that help him position himself easier, but afterwards you can buy a Heart of Tarrasque, Shiva’s Guard or Blade mail to make him a great tank without much trouble since he does not benefit much to the teamfight with his basic attack or Rot while his other abilities are on cooldown. Flesh heap is gonna be the second to last spell you will max Because you need level 16 for 3rd point in Dismember.

What is also important to mention is that heroes now gain 1 more hp per point in strenght which Pudge can benefit greatly from since he can easily go over strenght with the help of his great strenght gain and his passive ability Ludge heap. The strenght to damage bonus and heal used to be an Aghanim’s Effect for Pudge before, now Aghanim’s buffs the Meat hook making Pudge insanely good in 1 on 1 combat with the free heal. Aether lens are a newly added item that turned out to be great for Pudge as it provides bonus range on his Meat hook and Dismember, making Hooking a lot easier on targets further away.

Crystal Maiden’s Arcane Aura will provide a great boost to Pudge’s low mana regen and will allow him to cast his Meat Hook a pduge more often than usual, and her slow and immobilize will allow Puvge to easily hook his enemies when ganking. With Pudge it’s all about the right decisions and accuracy, if those two are mastered Pudge can become insanely deadly and a terror for any warding support.

Blade mail has been buffed aswell in 6.

Dota 2 Pudge 4k MMR Badassasaurus gameplay

Anti-Mages mana break can very easily drain the mana of Pudge if he’s in the offlane, this makes Pudge’s last hitting and denying nearly impossible without a high risk of getting one or two attacks off on you. It should be maxed as soon as possible, and even tho you take Rot first you should Max it second, the Meat hook’s damage is Pure which makes it a very strong nuke and very deadly towards enemies with low health points. An Enchanted Mango will provide you with additional health regen and if you already used your mana for previous hooks can provide you with just enough mana to cast another one.


Shiva’s Guard will provide you with an AoE aura that will make it harder for the enemy to hit you and your allies as it slows down attack speed, it’s active will also Slow their movement speed while dealing slight damage, it goes very well with your Rot as the slows stack and it will make it for the enemy nearly impossible to escape without use or items or abilities.

Lifestealer’s Feast deals damage based on how much health you have and deals the same damage to you, meaning that you are gonna go down very quickly if exposed to his basic attacks for a long time, his Open Wounds will slow you and make you unable to run away while his Rage will make him immune to your Rot and Dismember damage, he is the biggest counter a Pudge can encounter.

A Blink Dagger or Force staff are to be bought afterwards as it will provide you with movement speed, each has their own benefits. Mai um 5: And most importantly it can be used without canceling any channel abilities, this means that you can freely channel it while dismembering an enemy. An important change now tho is the increase of range for melee heroes and the increased aggro durations on lane creeps which will make it harder for Pudge to be agressive but shouldn’t and won’t shut down his great agressive potential.

Necrophos is Pudge’s second biggest counter, his Heartstopper Aura will drain your health rapidly while his ult can then easily take care of what little health you have left. Meat Hook is his signature skill and is the main reason why Pudge is so fun to play and popular amongs Pub and Ranked players.

Pudge can be in the Middle lane, Offlane Top for Radiant, Bot for Direhe can Roam or even go as a support in the Safelane Bot for Radiant, Top for Dire just because of his great kill securing abilities with the Meat hook, which is a bit less prefered. With all the recent changes of items, heroes and the map, let’s not forget our favourite, most fun hero, Pudge. Pudge’s rot slows and damages not only his enemies but him aswell, Omni’s repel will nullify the damage and slow it deals to him while not affecting the slow and damage it deals to the enemy, pdge Pudge a feared target in the enemy ranks.