The subjects should increase the prosperity of the sovereign by yielding taxes and tributes in the shape of agricultural pro- ducts. In this respect the Panchatantra and the Hitopadesa of Vishnusarma have also been of service. A king, by the right infliction of punishments, upholds this stayless world, that is being forcibly drowned into the lake of sin by lust and cupidity and other such passions. Even persons well-grounded in knowledge are en- snared by the irristible attractions of the sensual enjoyments. The subjects of the king who captivates them at first with strings of sweet words, and then cherishes them, never deviate one step from the course of rectitude.


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Indian History

They contribute to one another’s weal, and the loss of even a single one of them renders the whole imperfeet ; he who wishes to keep a government perfect should study wellf their nature. Accuracy of memory, exclusive devotion to the ways and means and the empire, grave consideration of the pros and cons of a question, unerring judgment, firmess, and observance of secrecy regarding all counsels — these are known to be the necessary qualifications of a minister.

Lust, anger, avarice, fiendish delight in doing injury, morbid desire for honor, and arrogance, these six passions should be victimized.

A monarch should always be carefully guarded against his friends and foes alike, by his body-guards. One who has received knowledge despises the teacher; one who is married, despises the mother; the woman who has given birth to a child, despises the husband; one who has recovered from disease despises the physician.


We shall quote professor Sully: He should not place too much confidence on his wives, even if he might be greatly beloved of them. The constituents of a good government. The wicked, like the cat, cut off the very hand wiih which unsuspecting and guileless persons offer palatable food to them.

Full text of “Kamandakiya Nitisara; or, The elements of polity, in English;”

Even though he might be sorely oppressed, yet an intelligent person should never utter such words which would afflict men piercing them to their hearts. The commentary substitutes Bhavati for Vadati. II For Karma and vittam the commentary reads.

Parasara has a Smriti ascribed to his authorship.

The duties of a Brahmacharin. Nursing tenderest dompassion in his heart, and with- out deviating from the path of duty, a king should wipe away the tears of the oppressed and the helpless.


Dambhodbhava — This great demon who defeated many of the celestials in battle was very much puffed up nitisarx arrogance. Hopefully more customers will contact you soon. On the other hand, when a master is nitieara with his servant, he treats him with indifference, even if the latter may have rendered many precious services to him.

Still I have to mention the names of Dr. Which is foreign land for the learned persons? The dangers of a king. X Another interpretation is put forth, viz. I highly recommend others to use this site.

Neeti Sastra

It is thorougly representative in its character and the precepts, of the great sage, we are sure, will prgve a profitable reading to the general public and more so to many Hindu princes who govern over the destiny of a vast scgtion of the Indian population.


Morning Sun, smoke from funeral pyre, coitus with old woman, muddy water and eating curd-rice at night increase ill health day by day.


There was another Trisiras. The last ntisara of the Sloka is based on the tradition which explains the decrease in the digits of the moon during the dark half of a month, by saying that the gods suck them in.

The sun stone shines by the mere presence of the Sun. The iTiaster then feels proud when his servant is praised by others, and congratulates him on his good fortune.

VVell-up in Vdrtd a man has nothing to be afraid of in a revolution. A man should always please the world with respect- ful words ; for, a man, speaking cruel words, hurts people’s feelings, even though he may give nitiaara money.


XX Such as, cooking of articles of food. Keep a distance of 5 hasta3 cubits from a vehicle, ten cubits from a horse and cubits from an elephant. A bee has poison in its head. For an explanation of these expedients, Vide note to Sloka i6th.

He should shun the nitlsara and close association of women, of those sinful wretches who lustfully gaze at them, of the emissaries of a hostile monarch, of those who had been turned out by his master; he should have no interest to serve with these in common,