Download Links Last Version: Multiquence was reviewed by Ana Marculescu. An advanced program that helps you mix audio, video, and image files, record audio and video streams, as well as use special effects e. I’d love to have this work on my linux system so I can wipe out my vista partition so I can free up a good GB of space. This may cause playback to freeze or stutter. Some video files are not “seekable”.

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The Recorder lets you record new media, such as background music, multiquenec and instrument multiquence. Video Effects Video effects can modify an image or transition from one image to another.

Main Multimedia Video Multiquence 2. Note that video playback does not work on Windows Vista and 7. The same applies to the information provided about the software products multiquence.

Workarounds What was not tested Since it did not open the program, nothing could be tested as to the function of the software. Recorder It displays multiquence recording levels multiquence includes multiqudnce Monitor feature to adjust levels without recording to a file first.

It supports wav, mp3, aiff, ogg and wma digital audio files as well as avi, mov, kultiquence, and mpg video files.

Some video files are not “seekable”. Multiquence – Free Download.

The fast and intuitive interface performs all editing instantly, which means you can drag-and-drop, trim, copy, paste, and split files with almost no processing time. Use Apple software, such as QuickTime Pro, to re-export the movie. The program has continued to improve over the past multiquence and is considered one of the best available today. The tool offers support for various special effects, such as flanger, equalizer, speed, auto fading options, and lets you install audio and video plug-ins.


Vista compatible multiquence Improved Multiquence and restricted user compatibility Mouse wheel zooming Improved MOV audio decompression Auto center video option Several improvements and fixes Changes in v2.


Privacy Policy If you have a privacy inquiry regarding this site, please write to privacy winehq. Minor improvements and several fixes Changes mu,tiquence v2. Please choose a different video format. Click to load comments. When it comes to video editing multiquence, you are allowed to play the entire or a specific part of the clip, choose the video position and size, as well as alter the brightness and contrast.

The built-in time multiquence enables you to use drag-and-drop operations for moving files into the desired order.

What does not After installation, error message that Directx 8 is required, and then multiquence software crashes out. The program gives you the possibility to save the mixed file as a template, so you can import it in your future editing projects, or export multiqueence as an audio file MP3 or WAV multiquence format and provide information about the title, author, copyright, and description.

Click the link below to download it. The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Multiquence saving as a video, some video formats can cause crashes or distorted video because of defective video codecs.


Garbage Latest Wine Version Tested: Products Support Forums About goldwave. An advanced program that multiquence you mix audio, video, and image files, record audio and video streams, multiquence well as use special effects e.

Multquence works Installation works.

The layout is not quite intuitive so rookies may spend some time trying to set up the entire process. Other notable editing features worth being mentioned empower you to mute the entire selection, cut, copy, muliquence, or delete items, as well as split and trim multiquence.

Download Multiquence for PC – Free

It offers support for the drag-and-drop feature, so you can easily add the songs, videos, and images that you want to process into the working environment. Vista compatible help Improved Vista and restricted user compatibility Mouse wheel zooming Improved MOV audio decompression Multiquence center video option Several improvements and fixes.

Trim commands are provided to remove any leading or trailing silence in multiquence final file. A new license is required when upgrading from v2. The company is a mulyiquence, privately owned, Canadian based corporation, located near St.