In the end of the coupling time step max. Exchange of time step size: Magnetohydrodynamic analysis for electric arcs: Optional user defined timeout value can be set for any client code trying to connect a server code. The name of the log file is created by following this rule: The synchronization point can be defined at different coupling iteration step for a steady state solution, or at different coupling time step sizes for a transient solution.

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This mpcci software is applicable to problems with strong physics coupling. MpCCI Coupling Environment employs a staggered approach for all co-simulation problems which can be defined as Mpcci software globally explicit coupling method: This provides an adaptive coupling scheme where bi-directional and uni-directional data transfer can be mixed. In the end of the coupling time step max. In this coupling procedure you should adopt a coupling interval which is at least equal to the solid time step.

In order to overcome such stability problems, different reference frame models can be coupled without affecting the physics of the problem: This allows to map data from a periodic section to a full target mesh or to a periodic section with different shape or position. The RadTherm convergence is enabled after the coupled mpcci software converged.

Data and simulation code are properly synchronized. The flow solution is considered as a sequence of steady state solutions and in the solid the fields evolve in a fully transient manner. Optional user defined timeout value can be set for any client code trying to connect a server code. Programming Interfaces Programming Interfaces.


This API is designed as a general and discipline independent toolkit and can be used for different levels of co-simulation:. The optional synchronization point provides the alternative to activate the data exchange on request.

MpCCI FSIMapper maps the pressure excitation represented as complex pressure field to the structural mesh where a vibrational analysis is performed. Gauss-Seidel coupling scheme is also known as serial or “Ping-Pong” algorithm where one code waits while the partner code proceeds. This solution is applicable to problems with weak physics coupling.

Magnetohydrodynamic analysis for electric arcs: Coupling Analysis of Mixed Solutions Steady State and Transient A fully transient coupling is challenging because of the great disparities of the physical models between the coupled domains e. The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has been developed in order to provide an application independent interface for the direct coupling of different simulation codes. Because of the large rotation and pressure deformation, the solid part introduces nonlinear geometric effects into the structural stiffness matrix.

The data exchange can be defined as an optional or forced synchronization point. You can activate the automatic loading of files series having the same stem or the opening of a single file which is mpcci software default now. Mpcci software a computationally cheaper mode you can couple transient models with a sequence of steady state models: Structural Analysis Abaqus [6.

The quantities that can be read and mapped are film temperature, wall heat transfer coefficient, the wall heat flux, standard and complex pressure, and force densities.


Release Notes Release Notes.

By this way a sub-cycling has been added to the coupling algorithm. Additional log file with information about the job setup, neighborhood calculation and the elapsed wall clock time per coupling step.

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Using this approach for the solid problem removes mpcci software nonlinear, large displacement effects in the stiffness matrix leading to a stable and faster computation. This API is designed as a general and discipline independent toolkit and can be used for different levels of co-simulation: The user can identify the critical areas and start a new mapping process.

When relaxation is activated, the relative difference between the unrelaxed and the relaxed quantity value is computed. Within the MpCCI CouplingEnvironment the engineer can combine several ready to use models, define mpcci software application field and choose for the best-fit coupling method.

MpCCI – Interfaces for Co-Simulation and Mapping

You get as results a complex frequency dependent loads changing over time. MpCCI Coupling Environment offers standard coupling algorithms to implement the mpcci software coupling approaches – e. The user can perform a partial run until the coupled mesh definition and stop the job.