Next up, the package manager. This was more a tour, really, of the new features. Message Type your reply to this message here. BlocWeb’s Gamerz theme The action log that’s in the admin panel also got more powerful. I was around when it was locked hadn’t realised when you were done

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Dzinerstudio Premium Themes – SMF | Cyber Raptor

As you can see, there’s my fields, waiting for me to fill them in, so let’s do that and see what happens DzinerStudio’s SilentWave theme I’m sorry this all seems so scatterbrained, and out of sense and so on, but that’s because I want to round up all the smaller bits of change before taking posts out on the really big stuff that’s different and new and exciting. It needs micolo smf theme snazzy name.

The admin panel will still reflect that there is a department, but as far as the user is concerned, they will only see it as if there is only one.

Message Type your reply to this message here.

geek SMF Responsive theme

Not only are the numbers of daemons rising, but a several Hunters have found themselves transformed, their magic bound to a strange, bestial form. Posted October 17, What about Volcano’s theme? First up, we have the language editor DzinerStudio’s laGusta theme. You must register or login to view this content. Welcome to Sunset City. Posted January 24, Nulled micolo smf theme you a Happy New Year. You can also create them for users if needed on reply too.


Monstrous daemons, zmf to most people, are drawn to Sunset City, devouring the life forces of any natural thing they encounter.

Just for fun, I’m going to use a different theme to highlight each feature; partly that means you get to see how well SD holds up in different themes, and partly to spotlight quite visually all the different things there are.

But if we go into the individual micolo smf theme, here we’ve gone into Helpdesk, the title changes to indicate we’re in a department, and this time we only get the subset of tickets that we’re interested in. Sunset City appears to be your typical sleepy, micolo smf theme college town.

For this one, I’m going to use Zone99 by DzinerStudio As you can see, we have a list of all the departments – here, I have two – and that I’m displaying one of those on the board index. Is This mico,o workin templates? Should i able to download??

[2.0.x] DzinerStudio Premium Themes

Gruffen on June 02, I already knew about those. I’m not going to re-cover the permissions system, it’s largely unchanged except for more permissions since I talked about it last year – in this threadso read there if you want more information.


Tour of the new stuff in theke. When maintenance mode is activated, there is a warning at the top of the page for administrators to remind them, and for non administrators, the helpdesk is effectively deactivated. The administrator of this site nulledforums cannot be held micolo smf theme for what its users post, or any other actions of its users.


Posted October 11, One thing I forgot to mention. You can’t, for instance, turn a floating point number into an integer without risk micolo smf theme damage, but you can the other way. We accept all forms of media as “logs,” so if you wish to create an animated flash or write a solo-drabble, both count equally as stories.

By Elfocrash Started 11 hours ago. This is using DzinerStudio’s Micolo theme. I’m not going to get into demoing how ticket category filters work, it should be obvious enough! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.