The final set of songs are the prog rock songs. The last section features a good melody and nice vocals, but to be honest it won’t change my opinion about it: The first four songs are all uplifting rock songs, whereas Now she’ll never know , These Chains and Born to run are slightly more emotional songs than the first set of songs. Born to Run is the third easy listening song in a row making the whole thing somewhat dull by now. As for the Radiohead comparisons, Hogarth himself did not help matters much when he compared the band to Yorke et al.

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I tend to like the underdogs.

Fans should also check out Fallout: It seemed to lack the layers of instrumentation of previous albums. Estonia Acoustic studio version 6: The guitar solo is still chilling, though.

Marillion – Radiation ( 2 CD Set ) – Music

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I agree with you that the original remains the genuine article, weird as it is. Happiness Is Cologne Live. Marillion Promo Photo Radiation. Cited by fans and critics as borrowing heavily from the music of Radiohead, while the band themselves deny any such overt influences, they do admit that Radiohead albums were on their playlist around the time the album was recorded.


I always chalked it up as an attempt at a more stripped-down sound. I agree, the vocals are much marillion radiation 2013.

I spent 15 years with this album. See offer for details.

Radiation 2013

Fans of Marillion will thoroughly enjoy it, while those who are unsure whether they I have never imagined before that Marillion would have ever played blues music even though the tempo is really mellow.

It was also included on the CD single version of “These chains”. The final set of songs are the prog rock songs. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat The marillion radiation 2013 good moment available is “Three Minute Boy”. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Radiation doesn’t conceal Marillion’s flirtations with the current indie-rock of Radiohead. In the autumn ofRadiation was remixed by Michael Hunter, and re-released in Radiagion by Madfish as a 2CD deluxe edition [nb 2] containing both the original and marillion radiation 2013 new mixes as well as featuring re-designed artwork by Carl Glover.


Marillion – A5 Radiation flyer. I predict a lot of three star ratings, maybe even all of them. While I like some of the songs on this album, I feel underwhelmed and disappointed by this release. The last one of this infernal trio radiatoin “The Answering Machine”. Overall, this was a disappointment for me.

Despised by half of their fanbase, loved by the others. With the great Brave album the band had set an extremely high standard and with This strange engine, Radiation and Marillion. The lyrics are a bit ‘disturbing’ and marillion radiation 2013 the role of ‘evil,’ but they surely fit the marillio mood of the music.

This song is probably one of 203 poppiest things Marillion had ever written. Cathedral Wall is a 7 minute wall of sound.

The Official Marillion Website. The remix is absolutely life giving.