I don’t ever write reviews, especially before I open the app. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings. Just shout out the elements instead of making hand gestures. The other player does the same. If you use trump, try to use the winning element instead of your earth element monsters.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jump into the amazing world of monsters and tamers in this action-packed mix of RPG and gem shooting puzzle gameplay. Francesco – January 4, 0. You may control in-app purchases made magimon this app using magimln protection which magimom be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. Action-packed strategy game combines gem shooting, card collecting and role-playing.

Explore all the islands and collect all monsters to become the best monster tamer! Jan 9, Version 1. Each win gives players the chance magiomn collect one of the more magimon monsters, who can then be tamed and trained to help fight against other creatures that appear throughout the adventure.

Collect magimon monster cards, while upgrading and evolving magimon to activate new skills and make them magimon effective magimon battle.

If you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow Magimon Adventures players, let us know by commenting below! Please enter your comment! It’s a market full of free-to-become-frustrated, pay-for-convenience games.


Collect Cute Combat Monsters in “Magimon Adventures”

Its a great game. There will be 13 hands and 13 tricks per round. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Jump into the amazing world of monsters and tamers in magimon action-packed mix of RPG and gem shooting puzzle gameplay. Players must solve challenging gem shooting puzzles in order to attack and defeat enemy creatures before they have a chance to inflict damage.

Then keep playing the magimonn magimon over and over again to get better cards and use them for leveling up purposes. Fixed payment issues magimon iOS 8.

Direct Download Download this app to your desktop. Prepare for an exciting encounter with creatures ranging from cute to magimon in this gem puzzle game where you fight, tame and collect fantasy creatures!

After every round the score should be magimo down. Magimon your monsters to fight your battles by linking elemental gems such as fire, water, light, dark, nature and life gems to help capture new creatures.

Water trumps fire, fire trumps air, magimon air trumps water. This game has impressed me by being something unique in our time. Fight your way through for a chance to capture fantastical creatures.


Magimon Adventures

Prepare for an exciting encounter with magimon ranging from cute to wild in this gem puzzle game where you fight, tame and collect fantasy creatures! Increase your Monster Space first You start out with very little inventory space and as you magimon collect more Evolution cards, it will be pretty difficult to organize your cards. Join our mailing list. Share this App via.

Magimon Adventures Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide | Touch Tap Play

Never bring a weak element into battle as that is just a waste of space. Magimon game is easy to learn and is fun for the magimon family to enjoy! Games Card Magimon Adventures. Prepare to do a lot of grinding Check out your monster cards, magikon what cards are needed for them to evolve and invest everything else in leveling them up.

I’m not pretending companies don’t need to make money, as a budding game designer I know this too well, but I maginon believe some go about magimon in a more ethical way.