The first person in that queue gets to sit in the seat. Is the challenge in the difficulty of the questions or is the challenge in not breaking your concentration on easy questions by giving the legitimate correct answers? I have seen a few episodes and I am in love with the show but I want to understand what they say! The format of the game is amazing! This is the set of question of this video: Its unmissable , even if I can only understand a little Italian and I rely on her translation. Alternatively, is this, in fact, a composite of several episodes so that you can demonstrate all the characters, not all of whom appear in each show?

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This contestant is a bit unlucky as she has two objects to guess, and she must pick the correct combination out of the four possible to succeed. His question will be about an odd story laugenti in a newspaper. As of the time of writing you can watch the show ungeoblocked online. Normally he gives the contestant an object and asks if they think it will float or not.

Avanti un Altro! (2012, Italy, Canale 5)

Bonolis asks him what the category of question is going to be. That would take 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40 seconds then 42 luca laurenti ricordati che devi morire to get them right at the end. But he does today! I think I want k, at the very least 75k. The initial make up of the carousel, from bad to good is this: The top prize is impossible to win. And the last time you and Travis got this excited about an international format before its UK airing, it turned out to be the biggest international hit since Weakest Link….


She does a lot as it turns out! Here is our host, the brilliant Paolo Bonolis who also co-devised the show. This contestant faces a standard round. I recently started watching the show in Canada on satellite, but the episodes I see have a different host. That takes seconds. Each question is fifty-fifty.

It might be necessarily a bit too big-budget for that slot, even if the prize money were scaled down to fit. What does it mean?

Avanti un Altro! (, Italy, Canale 5) – Bother’s Bar

Judge Salvati does the same and lot of other thing in different moment, in order omrire have a higher security coefficient. He does not always get what he wants.

Please Paolo come over to UK and do one series. Which parliamentary house is more senior, Lords or Commons? It utterly needs a people person to front it.

English Lesson No 4 is back with some hilarity. What happens if you make an an answer error or a time error? If they answer incorrectly they carry on with the next round without adding anything to the total. Whenever you hear a new question, immediately guess the first choice. Bonolis can start and mlrire the clock by hitting a big red button to his right. Instinctively, this saves time listening to the question, and saves you the potential trouble of missing a question multiple times from listening to your instincts telling you to ricprdati the wrong thing, at the cost of missing questions you otherwise might be able to get consistently.


There might actually be a clause luca laurenti ricordati che devi morire the rules suggesting the first time the question is asked you have to listen to it.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is quite amusing. Suspect it could make a good Chase spinoff.

Luca Laurenti Ricordati Che Devi Morire Normal/Remix Chords – Chordify

My girlfriend is Sardinian ricordtai we live in the south of UK…we watch this show every day on her Italian satellite set up. In Italy, it sounds like the hosts get a much greater say in the direction of their shows. The basic principle of an unpredictable quiz with a vaguely Deal-esque stick-or-twist money element and a tense and unusual endgame is a winner with viewers.