Sampler doesn’t recognise embedded root note data. Double-click on this file to open the. Be the first to post a comment. Spectral is a very unique software synthesizer, in some aspects similar to additive as well as subtractive synthesizers. However, Octopus’s oscillators depart from conventional FM oscillators in that they employ additive synthesis to produce timbres that are harmonically complex right at the operator level. The key component for building a sound is the instrument’s 8 oscillators, Sampler, 2 filters and 32 envelopes. Most importantly, these envelopes may be routed to any of a number of modulation destinations, thanks to a second mod matrix.

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The instrument file Octopus and the Octopus presets will now be placed in the appropriate directory for virtual instruments on your Mac. The Alpha Synthesizer features an easy to learn subtractive design with special attention being paid to recreating the warmth and feel typically found linplug octopus mac Ultimate Sound Bank 63, The RM V is a flexible and easy-to-use drum machine that combines analog-style percussion synthesis with a fully featured, intelligent percussion sampler.

If you’re flummoxed by the smattering of knobs on a TB or BassStation, you might be left scratching your linplug octopus mac. A good third of the instrument’s display is devoted to its envelope generators, and there are no less than 32 envelopes to play with.


It may look intimidating, but Octopus is a fine-sounding, innovative synth that deserves to be explored. The next time you start your host software the Octopus will be listed in the host software’s Instrument list.

Installation | LinPlug Octopus User Manual | Page 7 / 62

That said, Octopus isn’t linplug octopus mac everybody. However, while we’ll concede that those users who have a mad understanding of FM synthesis will stand to coax the most out of Octopus, the developers have done a good job of keeping the instrument very user-friendly.

The Installer will guide you through the installation. You might be thinking that all of the above adds up to an indecipherable patchwork that’s suited only to veteran sound designers.


The next time you start your host. Once you’ve installed the Octopus you’ll need to register it. Common to Maf and PC. Refer to linplug octopus mac host software’s manual if you are unsure about where the host software plug-in directory is located. Filters are all well and good, but any FM synthesizer lives and dies on its modulation options.

The registration process is described in the Registration section of this manual.

LinPlug Virtual Instruments

DLL and the Octopus manual and presets will be placed in the chosen directory. It’s a welcome relief when a developer offers something different in a marketplace swamped with analogue emulations. Download Demo Download Update. The instrument file Octopus. DLL and the Octopua manual and presets will. Make sure you choose the right directory, so your host software.


linplug octopus mac

Fixed Filter muting problem Fixed slightly inaccurate timing. Add to WatchList Developer’s Website. Installation on Mac The Octopus comes with its own Installer.

The next time you start your. It features four unique band Most importantly, these envelopes may be routed to any of a number of modulation destinations, thanks to a second mod matrix.

Sampler doesn’t recognise embedded linplug octopus mac note data. Further reduced CPU load Envelopes now in sync even for very long notes Improved voice stealing Fixed seldom incomplete redrawing when switching oscillators. So, like its namesake, at first glance, Octopus can be a bit frightening.

Double-click on this file to begin the installation process. Octopus’s output can be processed by the usual kac of effects, including delay, EQ, reverb, chorus and a touch of distortion. Description Requirements Versions History.