Tesco Tuffers – this very embarrassing situation is where a player, such as Greg Matthews on his Test debut, is not recognised by the gatekeepers at the ground and refused entry. The final stage of sweeping involves putting all the equipment back where you got it from, so that it is ready for the next time you wish to experience the joys of sweeping. The league games happen over 10 rounds and the finals series for all four Divisions would involve 3 games or 3 rounds. Faulkner on the other hand, swung the ball with panache to trade the Purple Cap a few times in the tournament. IPL 6 has left most fans disgusted and angry; very angry, in fact. The IPL is doesn’t only provide exciting cricket entertainment, high intensity cricket matches, a big party for the cricketers and administrators involved, packed stadiums, and huge pay cheques, but it also provides the ultimate betting haven for those that enjoy betting on sports.

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We need to hear other voices too. This meant that a team could be forced to bat on a wet pitch.

Fans have to either criticize his in Chennai against Pakistan for what he did not do, or celebrate it, for what he did. The last one I watched at the stadium was the one at the World T20 last year in Colombo, and I don’t have many good memories about that criclet. It just does not go far enough in my view. I have il doubts about Umar Amin, which I hope he can prove wrong; but I really do not see him succeeding in international cricket.


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Those that could comprehend would not need any explanation; those that could not, would never be able to. He went on to gane a beautifully ggame in that match. In the end, however, there was only one constant. This site uses cookies.

Handled the ball — One of the strangest ways to get out is handled the ball. Dhoni hit the winning runs off the last ball. Phone calls, messages, emails were all being exchanged and once again we all waited for the website to let us enter. The Argus Review process was initiated.

The fielding position of slip is a particularly diverse one. A consistent team right throughout the tournament, Mumbai Indians boasted of a perfect win-to-loss record while playing at home.

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It is not cricket they say. Ijaz Butt’s term as PCB chairman will probably be remembered as the worst phase of cricket in Pakistan ever. In cricket, it is when you take three wickets in three consecutive balls, but this is far less impressive depending, of course, upon the standard of the chicks you picked up.

It is between two international sides and is played over five days. Download new pc cricket games with latest updates – All Rights Reserved. The answer was simple — it was a fixed match.


Access and privilege are traded for good press and praise. So let us get this right. They feel something like gratitude. That was my cue to leave as I had to catch a train back to my college in Vellore. They’re the champs, hence deserve the players in the side. Tickets were on sale!

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Selectors — the selectors are a bunch of guys whose eyesight and judgement are only slightly better than the umpires. Later an experimental time-traveling ship “Tempus Frangit” was also introduced into the series. Bat-pad — Bat pad is a fielding position usually reserved for either the youngest guy in the team, or someone who the captain has just found out is shagging his missus behind his back.

However, as I said in my opening, it is likely that his continued confidence in Chawla will infuse me with awe at his amazing foresight!

I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates. Gully — Gully is a fielding position located between the slips and point.

As indicated by its name, it is located on the on-side. One short — When the two batsmen run up and down the pitch, they must successfully touch either their bat or a part of their body behind the crease.