SetValue “ProductName” , “Colored product” ;. New forms can be created using the Create new form link. To remove a site, check the checkbox next to the site you would like to remove and click the Remove selected button. It requires the system to be configured as described in Defining a workflow. This ensures that our form control inherits from the CMS.

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Plain text of the e-mail template. This example explains kentico cms 6.0 the workflow process works from the perspective of content editors. This ensures that our form control inherits from the CMS. Please note that you can use the Set automatically link to have the table configured automatically. If you do not choose any color, the validation error message defined in the code of the form control will be displayed. With the document submitted to approval, we can switch to the PR Manager’s perspective and approve it.

Bcc E-mail addresses of blind copy recipients. Run the project and sign in to Site Manager. My first news item. We will use UI personalization to enable access to this module only to members of certain roles. Also notice that a SelectorWidth property was defined for the form control. For example, the following code could be used to get the value of the ProductName field from the current form New product is returned if the field is empty: On the Search fields tab, you can define how data stored in the document type will be indexed by the Smart search module.


If you were not satisfied with it and wanted Alice to re-work it, you could click Reject to return it back to the Edit step. More information on this can be found kentico cms 6.0 the Macro result caching topic. Enter the following values:.

Kentico CMS

The document’s editing form will contain the new form control as shown below: The document has been moved to the Approval step and it is kentico cms 6.0 waiting for approval by some member of the PR Managers role and Alice can no longer edit it. This can be done by applying transformations as mcs in the Transformations in macro expressions topic.

Once you enable workflow, the user needs to be authorized to edit the document and to manage the mentico in the give workflow step. The name of the table in the database.

Developing form controls

Testthe folders would be: E-mail addresses of copy recipients. After the document is saved, you can see that there is the Submit to approval action displayed in the document menu: You can get or set the values of other fields that are part of the form using the following syntax:. If kentico cms 6.0 need to modify the value of a field before the form is savedcjs need to place the code inside the IsValid method of your form control. Only those websites that the current user can edit are available in the drop-down list.


Inherits fields from document type. After the document is saved, you can see that there is the Submit to approval action displayed in mcs document menu:.

Document type display name. This can be performed in any workflow step, unless the document is kentico cms 6.0 kehtico.

Subject of the e-mail. Switch to code behind of the page and change the following line: Set the following properties for the fields:. Document type code name The name of the document type used in the code.

E-mail address that will be used as the sender From address of the e-mail.