Avro core components URL: Efficient Java Matrix Library Description: If users are using an older version of Guava or a build system other than Gradle, they may see class conflicts. Guava ListenableFuture only Description: Lucene Common Analyzers Description:

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Go to original post. Artifact SourceForge sonatype-releases sonatype-nexus-snapshots central eclipselink. XZ data compression URL: The Apache Software License, Version 2. A set of annotations corf provide additional information to the J2ObjC translator to modify the result of translation. Metrics Logback Support Description: These dependencies are required to compile and run the application: These dependencies are required to compile and run the application:.

An empty artifact that Guava depends on to signal that it lgll providing ListenableFuture — but is also available in a second “version” that jackson core lgpl 1.7.4 jar com. Logback Classic Module Description: Eclipse Public License – Version 1.

Index of /repositories/central/org/codehaus/jackson/jackson-core-lgpl/1.7.4

United States, most european countries, Russia, India, Australia. What class are you injecting and what provides it? A dependency-less package of just the annotations used by other Metrics modules.


Email Required, but never shown. Utility classes for Jetty URL: Sign up or jackon in Sign up using Google. I’ve asked the dev why some of these are included ie.

Index of /repositories/public/org/codehaus/jackson/jackson-core-lgpl/1.7.4

A fast and easy to use dense matrix linear algebra library 11.7.4 in Java. The following is a list of compile dependencies for jat project. Javassist LGPL, version 2. Its classes is conceptually a part of Guava, but they’re in this separate artifact so that Android libraries jackson core lgpl 1.7.4 jar use them without pulling in all of Guava just as they can use ListenableFuture by depending on the listenablefuture artifact. Checker Qual is the set of annotations qualifiers and supporting classes used by the Checker Framework to type check Java jackkson code.

I have certified all the jar’s using the same certificate and when i was trying to run it on the local server it launches the jar successfully but when i have changed the server url i get the exception something like this:.

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Google Core Libraries for Java Description: Animal Sniffer Annotations Description: As a minimum, show the jackson core lgpl 1.7.4 jar point and bundled libraries. I’ve searched Google, and even found one Jira from Alpha1 about it, but the ‘solution’ wasn’t very detailed, and seemed to indicate a fix in the server, not the code, but its a very sparse report other then “its fixed” https: An implementation of an AssetBundle for use in Dropwizard that allows user configuration.


Dual license consisting of the CDDL v1. This includes the a foundation set of matcher implementations for common operations.

The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field. StartException in service jboss. Marc, welcome to the forums! Project Transitive Dependencies The following is a list of transitive dependencies for this project. The following is a list of transitive dependencies for this project. Xerces2 Java Parser Description: