Kruspe uses to achieve his mighty signature guitar sound. The Control Room module offers the original channel strips to tweak the blend of different mics, cabinets and preamp settings, just like in Richard’s real studio setup. No wonder your tone is so good. WIN Not sure if it was needed but installed it anyway Native. Sep 30 , For all the metal fans with GR4, Rammfire is a must!.

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We have converted Zsolt. Sep 30 Agree x 1 List.

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He came to the conclusion that — in the analogue world — no two pieces of equipment are exactly the same, and this amp is has exactly the sound he is looking for. Thanks for sharing IMG: Oct guitar rig rammfire, Messages: All said and done then, for fifty bux you can have the ramfire presets and not have to buy the gyitar guitar rig software. Sep 20, Messages: Over time Richard became deeply involved in the project, refining what became ‘Rammfire’ in a real partnership with Native Instruments’ lead developer.


For all the metal fans with GR4, Rammfire is a must!. Demo guotar are really good! Someone has been doing their homework great JOB!!!

How to make Guitar Rig 5 work with all options/expansions

Oct 1 Oct 11 Developing a very unique sound with it. You need to get the right kind of signal in to your DAW to be able to take full advantage of the tones available. Not really a big deal but needs patience to get all advantage from its resources. We reveal guitar rig rammfire mystery behind the studio setup it was built upon, detailing the hardware Richard Z.

LevitateMay 8, It fixed all the issues I was having by just going direct in with my guitar cable. Putting a Tube Pre in front of the signal chain is a great way to get warmth, gain, rajmfire.

“rammfire” – Ni Plugin

PereiraJun 6, However, after refining his production techniques, this philosophy became obsolete. Competitions Coordinator – Up the Irons Group: Check it out here and listen to the demo tracks that Richard recorded: CatalystMay 8, The setup was a Dual Rectifier with a 4×12 cabinet, and it was love at first sight for Richard Z.


Just as an example, I have recorded guitar rig rammfire individual guitar tracks for the main chug riff in this song. Although he went through a dozen same-model candidates there are none which could really compete — his relationship to the amp ramfmire like a marriage. Thanks for share with us.

PinkmanMay 17, Hey thanks for this info I didn’t know about this Rammfirf Guitar Rig 5 is one of most complete App for guitar in the market today but is also a little complex to set up and use comparing with other Apps. Todd Simpson View Member Profile. Without your posts none of this woulda happened.