It was everything it said it was and more. The program contains 20 exercises comprising progressively challenging levels that develop and strengthen 41 cognitive skills. The reason for this recommendation is that it is the frequency of usage that has shown dramatic gains in cognitive skills and academic performance in multiple research studies. Cognitive skills development can benefit children across a broad spectrum of abilities, including normally developing, those with identified cognitive deficits and high-performing children. Use the links below to explore the specific areas in more depth. See where it can take you and your child! It is more comprehensive in the breadth of skills developed than other brain programs.

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It can be used as a stand-alone cognitive training tool, or as a supplement to other therapies, including vision therapy, brainware safari and language therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive rehabilitation and remediation of learning disabilities.

Take a Closer Look. Brainware safari she passed more levels, her success became greater, and she would even surprise herself.

They will need to be effective learners because they will have to learn their jobs to do them. We set up a small pilot group and ran it for 12 weeks. Their customer service has also been excellent. We expect to play a significant role in this process by developing, sourcing, offering and supporting the best programs that address brain fitness, cognitive skill development, and the practical application of neuroscience to the teaching and learning process.


Enter Email Confirm Email. First, the program we offer must work on cognitive skills relevant to a broad spectrum of the population. These two exercises are not timed so you can relax a bit while you brainware safari to figure out a puzzle. Take a Closer Look. We provide information for parents as their child starts on the program on how to make it the best experience possible.

This is not a collection of brain brainsare, but a program of multidisciplinary cognitive therapy that was developed over 40 years by clinicians using and sharing their best practices.

The computer must have speakers.

We brainwae we brainware safari made a real difference when we see our clients brainware safari new learning experiences with greater enthusiasm, confidence, and satisfaction. The more we exercise them, the faster we learn, and the better we process the information we receive. This excellent video answers these questions and helps us understand that the food we consume affect our brains, braiinware as it affects our hearts and the rest of our bodies.

This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. Average improvements on cognitive tests like the CogAT of 12 percentile points have been demonstrated.

BrainWare Learning Company

For the first time, the kinds of exercises I have used one-on-one with patients have been incorporated into a fun and entertaining video-game format. While muscles gain in strength, agility, and endurance as they are conditioned, methodical use of brain-toning activities leads to stronger brainware safari, faster thinking, keener reasoning, and greater mental stamina. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms.


The computer must brainwxre speakers. With levels of progressive challenge and the motivation of a video game, BrainWare SAFARI brainware safari the safqri brain-building package for kids of any age. This cognitive training program is unique.

Enter Email Confirm Email. Enter Password Confirm Password. Improving cognitive skills can be hard work.


Remediation of cognitive processes needs to brainwre a fourth pillar in our approach to support students in special brainware safari. There are brainware safari silver bullets. Workshops, webinars, and online courses brajnware topics related to the brain and learning for parents, clinicians, educators and others. Her teacher requested holding her back. As a result of the study, and the increased academic performance of the students, BrainWare Safari was instituted for all students in grades 3 through Enter Password Confirm Password.

There is software that is installed on your computer and it requires an Internet connection.

This is especially true for students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, who are being educated brainware safari a language other than their native language, and students who have learning disabilities.

BrainWare Cognitive Rating Scales.