battleship broadside

Is it true or possible that if a battleship fires all of it 16 inch guns at the same time, it could flip the ship over? Nuclear Weapons at Sea, “. However, further studies revealed major problems with the estimates. But it was the sea spray churned up by this shock wave moving away, along the side of the ship, that caused your correspondent to think that the USS New Jersey had jumped sideways. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. War planners anticipated that the US fleet would engage and advance in the Central Pacific, with a long line of communication and logistics that would be vulnerable to high-speed Japanese cruisers. The mass of a 57, ton ship is just too great for the recoil of the guns to move it.

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In the years since this essay was first published, various people have sent me notes complaining about the over-simplicity of this analysis, as it ignores the other factors involved, namely, the effects of the propellant gasses.

Their main guns were last fired in anger during battlezhip Gulf War, and even there they were primarily used as cruise missile launch platforms. She became a symbol of the US Navy’s victory in the Pacific when representatives of the Empire of Japan boarded the battleship to sign the documents of boadside surrender to the Allied powers in September Japan had refused to sign the treaty and in particular refused to accept the inch gun caliber limit battlesyip the 5: Imagine being caught in such a hail of fire.

These battlesbip turn would be placed approximately along the centerline of the battleship to ensure a stable and predictable firing platform. They have to be prepared to take on some pretty scary waves at sea and potentially be exposed to canon fire and blast waves.


In mid Wisconsin turned her attention to bombarding the Japanese home islands until the surrender of Japan in August. Description Uss iowa bb pr. What’s it like firing a inch naval gun on a battleship?

When bombarding a target to port or starboard this means that nine tons of powerful explosives can be almost simultaneously fired at an opponent. How are the 5-inch gun turrets on a battleship loaded and fired? The really notable thing about her for broadsdie question is the placement of her two main turrets: Could a Battleship fire all her guns broadside at the same time?

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Solving for the ship’s velocity: Following the ArmisticeNew Jersey conducted training and operation cruises until she was decommissioned. For battleships in the modern sense, it’s pretty rare to find a battleship hroadside can’t fire all her main weapons in a broadside.

An apparent savior appeared in a Bureau of Ordnance preliminary design for a turret that could carry the caliber guns while also fit in the smaller footinch broadsidde At the range these guns reached, a slight alteration just beyond the muzzle would affect the final point of impact.

This file was a candidate in Picture of the Year However, the blast of the propellent gases escaping from the barrel when the projectile left became a shock wave that impacted the structure of the ship, creating massive vibration and sometimes ripping up deck planking, fracturing steel fittings and even causing hull plates to flex and shear off the rivets that held them together.

However, the Bureau of Ordnance continued working on a larger barbette design, while the Bureau of Construction and Repair utilized the smaller barbettes in the contract design of the new battleships. The Iowa class were the only battleships with the speed required for post-war operations based around fast aircraft carrier task forces.


The only way to accurately aim and fire more than a single great gun was aim all the guns together and fire them simultaneously such the recoil shock of one gun did not disrupt the aim of the others. To calculate the velocity of the USS New Jersey moving sideways, what you need to consider is conservation of momentum. Of course, if the battleship is sent to the bottom of the ocean before it ever comes in range of a target then the size and number of its guns is utterly irrelevant.

File:Uss iowa bb-61 pr.jpg

The secondary battery turrets and handling spaces were protected by 2. An order to fire a broadside meant that the gunners fired every weapon which could bear as the enemy ship came abeam. Solving for the velocity of the ship and using the above calculated momentum figures: These wooden ships batt,eship closer and closer towards each other until cannon fire would be effective. Navy in World War II.

The plan called for the ships to be rebuilt to include a flight deck and an armament suite similar to that placed aboard the Essex -class aircraft carriers that were at the time under construction in the United States. What can and does happen is that the simultaneous firing of all pain guns off one side pushes the who ship sideways about one meter Or one yard, depending on your measurement preference. This concept eventually evolved into the Fast Carrier Task Forcethough initially the carriers were believed to be subordinate to the battleship.

A History of the Modern Battleship Dreadnought. The launch of the HMS Dreadnought around began an epic race between the major world powers to see which navy could broxdside the most battleships armed with the biggest guns.