akiha tohno

She is playable in the fighting game Melty Blood. But its not that bad since it is just -1F on block. In Melty Blood, it seems that their friendship and the intervention of Shiki averted this. Depending on the groove you choose, Akiha can be capable of dealing amazing damage, strong pressure, very respectable zoning, and a great mixup game especially in the corner. B 2A or feint the j. Shiki, as of Melty Blood, is either unaware or has pretended not to notice his sister’s romantic feelings for him.

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Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno/PS2

C, then airdash cancel into another j. Standard corner combo with an emphasis on okizeme.

Has crossup hitboxes and knocks down airborne opponents. Most of H-Akiha’s moveset is identical to C-Akiha’s. A relatively fast sweep with good range.

An EX Flame Pit is possible if you’re a little too far but you’ll have to ignite it on their wakeup. An interesting normal that stops all of Akiha’s momentum in the air, she cannot do anything afterwards until she lands. Creates a large set of puddles that travel quickly across the screen. This is Akiha’s primary launcher and is utilized in most of her basic midscreen combos.

The second 2B actually hits low but it’s not very useful since the opponent can just react in time if they were blocking high beforehand and Akiha doesn’t have an high option to cancel into from 2B itself. The closer you do this, the more frames you’ll get, but the more of a risk you’ll put yourself at. A good move to air-to-air with. Once you’ve knocked someone down in the corner, your options become too many to count.


Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. If you don’t mind burning meter to maintain your pressure, using a C after a C move on block is an option as well. Pretty fast normal, useful for beating jabs.

Know your enemy as depending on their reversal options, they may very well have to block ie Full Moons don’t have heat activation or they might not have any viable wakeup reversals, etc. Let the 2A fully recover so 5[B] becomes usable again, delayed 2A 2C makes grabbing easier.

Tohno Akiha – Tsukihime – Zerochan Anime Image Board

This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an akihx once approved. Delay the 2B or do it asap as necessary! Investing in an EX Flame Pit will set you up for the ultimate okizeme. The animation for this tohnp is a little deceptive, it looks slow but it’s actually faster than 5C although it has more recovery.

BC othno Is a cool combo. Creates a web even further away approximately half screen at maximum stage zoom-out and even further higher up. It’s on the slower end of Akiha’s normals but it moves you forward and wallslams airborne opponents.


In addition to the situation mentioned above guard break with pillar on screenhaving a web hit after a guard break and comboing off it into F-Akiha’s longer corner combos will give you k damage pretty easily.

Akiha Tohno Friends – Giant Bomb

Half Moon shield bunkers are probably the most problematic; baiting them is best done with more conservative strings utilizing F-Akiha’s safer normals. This is not where you want to be. Make sure this is what you intended. Standard crouching jab that combos into itself. When aiming to guard break, emphasis should be tohbo on slipping webs into your strings, as they make short work of an opponent’s guard meter.

After setting up an EX Flame Pit in the corner, her mixup becomes amazing and if respected, she can get two chances to mixup and on top of her pressure, she can get multiple chances to mix them up. Despite being a dragon punch, its potential as a reversal is mediocre and none of its meterless versions have full body invincibility. The trajectory isn’t as useful as Crescent’s, but it retains aerial momentum tohmo well as aerial options if you recover before landing.

This is quite possibly F-Akiha’s best move, as it is the base of her frame trap game just beware EX Hiero-type movescorner lockdown, fuzzy guard, serves as an anti-air for many common trajectories, and is a critical part in her most damaging combos.