Jurina’s dark version of “That’s all folks! They really looked like emotionless puppets, giving us a suiting contrast to the song’s dramatic vibe. And as these kinds of PVs usually do, they show us some mandatory shots of clocks and other steampunk stuff. Loving that evil smirk. Though I think she was more of the puppetmaster and Mayuyu was just her cute assistant. Not that I’m complaining.

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Anyway, their costumes fit the song in a weird way, since it was probably the most clean and feminine of them all. Vp the synths and beats were spot-on, giving the song a club feel, while at the same time giving off an overall theatrical mood. Looking at it now, it seems I am a fan, after all.


After what he did for Gingham Check many were expecting another visual orgy to feast their eyes upon. The knee-float dance was a bit disappointing. Please don’t turn me into a puppet. Pretty Mayuyu acting all bad-ass.

Jurina did a very good job playing one of the puppeteers. But with this new release, I’m thinking I might just spend my entire sembreak memorizing who’s who. You’re only 15 please don’t sit like that.


AKB48’s “UZA” [PV Review + Screencaps] – lunezra

I think Mayuyu creates a gentler, more feminine contrast to Jurina’s edgier, more androgynous aura. The only dance part I find catchy and not confusing is the “uza uza akb48 uza pv hook towards the end. This was awkward the first time, and it’s only gotten more awkward The choreography was okay, not exactly mind-blowing.

The girl sitting in front of Haruka looks like a corpse bride Jurina-ballerina being all bad-ass. It might turn a few away until the disgusting bikinis or schoolgirl uniforms come back. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation. Which is a lot more than their competition is doing.

I call it the chicken-head move.

PV preview for AKB48’s upcoming single “UZA” revealed |

Who is she, though? Not that I’m complaining. The make up artists and costumer designers sure are testing ones resolve making her look the way she does. Writing akb48 uza pv review before eating breakfast It becomes your charm point.

Another dance shot The dance parts were hard to catch, but I loved what little I saw. Jurina’s awesome profile I loved this shot. Jurina’s dark version of “That’s all folks! Log in No account?


The chicken-head dance again They really looked like emotionless puppets, giving us a suiting contrast to the song’s dramatic vibe.

Since there lv so akb48 uza pv theatrical shots I did my best to capture every single one of them. She reminds me of Momo-chan from Berryz Koubou and I don’t like it Then again, I’ve never really cared about AKB48’s lyrics since that song where they had pre-teens singing about virginity Perhaps too well, because the more you watch this video the creepier her part appears to be. And off they go, walking out in major disapproval It’s Jurina and a,b48 bitches yo.