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However, as the number of his victims increase, he starts hearing the voices of his victims and is driven mad by them. This is key, because most other imperial arms like incursio and murusama are controlled completely by you, an organic is another factor. While his regeneration and speed make him a hard target to destroy, one well placed strike can easily destroy his core. But what the Emperor did not know was that Honest had Dorothea alchemically modify Shikoutazer with a trump card only he can activate on command or as a deadman’s switch: If susanoo were taken out, you would be left without much more to defend yourself. Manifestation User Najenda Advantage Incredibly powerful and skillful, susanoo is a force to be reckoned with.

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As the leader of the Elite Seven, Gozuki was originally owner of the Imperial Arm Murasame before the weapon ended up in Akame’s possession.

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Manifestation User Najenda Advantage Incredibly powerful and skillful, susanoo is a force to be reckoned with. Black Marine”a ring that can control any liquid he has touched.

But gq Three Beasts meet their end when they attempt to kill Tatsumi and Bulat, Esdeath paying her final respects to them while dismissing their deaths as sign of weakness. While seeing herself as servant of justice, Seryu is insane and acts on her obsession to kill any she views as an enemy of the Empire with extreme prejudice.

These battle results in the deaths of Oill and Susanoo. Stylish experimental Danger Beasts to kill before the Jeagers managed to wipe out most of them.


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Syura brags about his relationship with the Minister to his victims and enemies so as to intimidate them into submission, but is nevertheless a skilled fighter, having learned various martial art styles throughout his travels. When Budo battled with Tatsumi after his Teigu evolved, he notes Incursio’s progress and realizes that his opponent may have done the impossible by somewhat fusing with his Teigu. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Rubikanteis a flamethrower whose flames cannot be extinguished with water. His Teigu was retrieved by Night Raid. All members of the unit are children raised since childhood in the arts of assassination and Akame was a member of them, ranked no.

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Lists of anime and manga characters Fictional assassins. Her alchemy proves instrumental in saving Cosmina’s life, though it cannot save anyone who has already died. It was also due to alchemy that Dorothea appears so young: As he is the one who killed Run’s students, Run swore vengeance against him and succeeded in killing him with his own flame orb.

Honest’s selfish outlook is depraved to the point that he mourned Syura’s death for a few seconds before callously shrugging his son’s demise and considering to sire a more competent son.

He steals a Teigu and gains infamy as a serial killer who decapitates his victims after they plead for their lives.

Bolic is dispatched to kill the current high priest so that he will become the next leader and control it for the Empire’s sake. Budo is killed by Mine during their rescue operation on Tatsumi. This forces Seryu to trigger the detonation device in a final attempt on her opponent’s life, though she felt regret of dying “in a place like this” akme slum far away from her beloved empire. Joining the Jaegers, though she tended to be a loose cannon due to her ideals, Seryu is eventually defeated by Mine when her body is cut in half by Pumpkin with Coro too damaged.


He is killed by Akame and his Teigu is retrieved by Night Raid. Demonzu Ekisuthe blood of a Danger Beast that she assimilated into her circulatory system to gain the power to create and manipulate ice [ ch.

A singer, and rather lewd young woman, she was convicted of being a witch by a witch hunt. If susanoo were taken out, you would be left without much more to defend yourself. Although she is strong at fighting and enjoys torture, Esdeath found herself occupied with love and obsessed over Tatsumi after seeing him battle in a fighting tournament. When Tatsumi deals with the Shikoutazer, Esdeath battles Akame and ends up amputating her own arm when it was exposed to Murasame’s poison.

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But Leone corners the prime minister and drags him to the top of the palace before throwing him off to the revolutionaries, subjected to horrific torture before finally being executed. She is almost always seen sucking on a lollipop. While under the effects of Magatama Manifestation, his hair whitens, his horns turn black, and a disk appears on his back.

However, akkame control gets harder with each round fired after successive shots. In Purge Mode, Shikoutazer’s armor breaks off to reveal its monstrous appearance while the emperor’s mind is warped with bloodlust. Views Read Edit View history.