Like the ideas posted yesterday, this is something that non musicians can use quite easily to create something cool and rhythmic although, in my opinion, despite the huge amount of samples included the sequences that are generated can sound a bit samey. When one pirate was complete animations included we copied and pasted to create a second and then just edited the outfit. Using the clear pen allowed pupils to add things like peg legs and hooked hands — very effective! This slideshow requires JavaScript. We even did a little work and printed it out. I always suggest using this square shape to the children to add any extras to their backgrounds:

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All these features make it far simpler to get find what you want 2simple 2publish, for busy teachers or impatient pupils has to be a good thing. This slideshow requires JavaScript. We created pirates using the same tools as we used on the pirate ship — this time on the human template. Runner up in our category! Make a rugby themed word wheel! Like the ideas posted yesterday, this is something 2simple 2publish non musicians can use quite easily to create something cool and rhythmic although, in my opinion, despite the huge amount of samples included the sequences that are generated can sound a bit samey.

There are help sites and tutorial videos dotted all over the place to help 2simple 2publish come up with ideas of how to use it. To save pupils having to draw out their backgrounds a second time I showed them how to duplicate a page. We also had a nice long session to carry out the first part of the project: Year 2 were recapping copying and pasting skills.


Raising standards through creativity

This site uses cookies. The one above is fairly straightforward — I bet the pupils could come up with something better. We use the filled rectangle to colour the sail 2simple 2publish used it again with the clear setting to give the ship three sails. We filled it with our base colour brown and then 2simple 2publish parts of it with the clear or, as the children like to call it, magic pen. Finally, I used a picture of the grass in my garden on the floor: Post navigation At this time of year classrooms are 2ssimple of glitter and cotton wool, there is a glue shortage and you will probably struggle to find any coloured card.

And so, with 2DIY children can easily create games in a short period of time.

2Simple | Ant’s ICT

Here is the first in a series of posts on how to make printable Christmas cards. Maybe sort them so that the black one weighs twice as much as the red one which weights twice as much as the blue ones if you know what I mean. Always 2simple 2publish, always curious and they say what they think too Miss…I like your dress, miss. This makes a huge difference to the look of the boat. This meant they could use the same page, complete with animations, 2pubblish the next part of the story too — the example included at the end of this post shows how an island could be added with very little effort 2publissh making a big difference to the overall look.

This makes it easier to navigate around the template so that you can create a front cover, inside pages and a back cover of your card. We talked during the session about which fonts might be appropriate, which led to many children using old fashioned looking fonts 2dimple felt were in keeping with the theme. Depending 2simple 2publish the application used they can also be 2ppublish opportunity for children to extend their desktop publishing skills.


Or 2simple 2publish collection game for finding golden eggs.

2Publish | 2Simple

With this template you can visually see how your card will look when printed as the pages turn over on-screen. Once again we are treating you with two festive lesson ideas in one day! We chose the boat animation template from the transport section. Then she brought out a blue one that looked just like an Angry Bird — my mind went into overdrive.

I felt this was pretty much 2simple 2publish for the topic we were covering as it gave it a pirate map feel. I thought how that would make a lovely idea for a 2simple 2publish fete or similar and made a note of it.

A bit of a competition with a smattering of basic number skills and place value thrown in — the winner being the table with the most points scored. Today 2simple 2publish focus 2simpple a classic that is still cool and classy, while my next post is about 2simple 2publish app that is just a few weeks old. Follow me on Twitter. Have a look and see what you think. We right clicked to select copy and then right clicked to paste the seaweed up to three times.